Anaëlle Beignon / Mad Mind Map

Mad Mind Map

Plastic experimentations during my graphic design degree


2 days




Graphic Design Cartography

I've always been unable to find my way around space. Without a plan, I have no idea of distances or orientation.

I only find myself through the personal memories linked to my regular journeys, such as my emotions or my memories of a place. I have chosen to represent a place I have always known, the place I know best in the world: my house and its perimeter. The representation is deliberately clumsy, in order to reflect the uncertainty of my mental visualization. Inscriptions, in the form of reflection, act as snippets of thought, accentuating the confusion in the plane.

Scan of the final print by etching. The original is an A4 page.

Close view of the metal plate after it had been engraved.

Research notebook

Graphic exploration on the different elements on the final sketch.

Early sketch.

Choices of spatial representation: a mix between views from the side and the top to evoke confusion.

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