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Design of a website that collects contents produced at the Interaction 18 design conference. The school project was developped in partneship with members of the conference's organization.


3 weeks




IXDA organizers


Graphic Design Interaction Design UX Design UI Prototype

In order to guide the user through the multiplicity of content, the site offers different paths, allowing the user to discover content by thematic comparisons, either proposed by the IxDA team or by platform users with an account.

The experience of browsing the content is made understandable thanks to a metaphor of hiking: marked trails, allowing to have adapted tours in the variety of content offered.

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The visitor has access to two types of routes: a guided route, marked out by other users; and a free route, similar to an off-trail route, during which one can find one's way thanks to the advice of other contributors. The main difference between these two paths is that one is a continuous flow of arcticles, videos, and other contents, while the other -the off-trail path- is a discontinuous flow, navigating from one content to another according to the user's own will.

Wireframes and navigation diagrams
Creating a path of navigation

Blueprint of the way the data is transiting during the installation.

Navigating in off-trail

The visitor is invited to navigate through the content thanks to keybord keys. They enable the user to choose different directions in the website, and gives alternative propositions, that would not be possible in a classic scroll page.

Tree structure

UI focuses
Search animation

Home page animation

Interactive prototype made on the principle software
See the video on Youtube